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Frugal Male Fashion: Style Tips for The Frugal Man

  • 4 min read

style tips for the frugal man What is frugal male fashion?

The modern man wants to look good, but that doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on clothing and accessories. It’s all about frugality!

What does it mean to be “frugal” when it comes to male fashion? Buying the cheapest clothing and accessories you can find, usually made in countries with cheap labor and sold by online giants? Only shopping when there’s a sale on or a discount code to be used?

Quite the contrary! Did you know that according to the Merriam Webster English Dictionary the word “frugal” actually comes from the Latin frui, meaning “to enjoy”? In fact, being frugal when it comes to fashion means shopping intelligently, not cheaply. It means spending the right amount – not too much, but not too little either – according to the product’s actual worth. And it means purchasing items that you’ll be able to wear for years, so that the value of your investment is spread out over time.

mens frugal fashion tips  

So what should you be looking for? Three words: price, timelessness, and quality. 

Price - Spending more on a quality accessory will save you money in the long run.

No matter how inexpensive something is, if it doesn't last, it won’t have been a good investment in the long run. You might think something is a bargain, but if three months later it’s worn out, discolored or unraveled, then it ends up in the trash. Bad for your budget, and bad for the environment. The same is true if you try to keep up with the latest style off the runway in New York. A few months later, your expensive new outfit will either end up buried in your closet or else you’ll end up looking like a character out of Happy Days. Not on your to-do list? That’s what we thought.

What about the brands that offer 80% off sales? That means that either they're taking a loss to get rid of excess merchandise (possible) or you're paying way too much the rest of the year (more likely). Sticking to brands that don't often offer big discounts means that their original pricing is probably fair.

mens silk neckerchief worn tucked into a shirt  

Timelessness - Getting a timeless look on a budget.

Men have been wearing three-piece suits, dress shirts, classic ties, and pocket squares for centuries. If you start to build up your wardrobe by investing in only the best quality, and you opt for classic cuts and colors that can’t possibly go out of style, you’re setting yourself up to be able to wear that piece of clothing or that accessory for decades. That’s right, decades.

How do you pick an accessory that won't go out of style? Keep it classic!

It's the ultimate weapon in frugal male fashion.

Men have been wearing blue, brown, gray, and black forever, and that's not going to change anytime soon. These colors are the perfect neutral backdrop of an outfit that you can jazz up and change the look of by adding accessories in complementary (whether bold or subtle) colors and patterns. This way, the same suit will look like a different one every time you change the accessories.

It’s a trick many men who have to travel a lot use: keep your luggage light by bringing one suit, but several different ties, pocket squares, scarves, etc.

Did you know a high-quality accessory can make even a casual outfit look more interesting, setting you apart? There’s no reason why that white t-shirt and those jeans you wear every day have to be boring! Or what about adding a splash of color to your favorite leather or jean jacket? Now how’s that for frugal, yet classy?

mens Italian scarves  

Prefer something a little more interesting than solid colors? How about discrete polka dots, or a classic paisley?

Quality - Quality matters when it comes to long-wearing timeless accessories.

Finally, let’s talk about quality.

Quality is essential to the frugal male fashion style because the accessory you just bought with that hard-earned money, if properly cared for, will last a very long time, thus you'll spend less money in the long haul by having a few, high quality items than buying many lesser quality accessories.

We recommend that every gentleman has at least one grenadine tie in his wardrobe, as it is truly classic and iconic.

Do the luxury brands produce high-quality accessories? In general, yes. But are they worth the price? Did you know markups on some luxury brands can be 1000% or more? So yes, in part you’re paying for quality, but most of that price tag is for the brand’s name and extraordinary marketing costs. Furthermore, did you know that all Elizabettaproducts are made in the exact same factories as several of the luxury brands? 

Mens Italian silk ties  

So just what does it mean to be a frugal man when it comes to fashion? It means making choices when it comes to your wardrobe while always keeping price, timelessness, and quality in mind. It means choosing clothing and accessories that are well made, honestly priced, and that won’t go out of style.

And don’t forget the Latin: most importantly, it means enjoying your purchase! Happy shopping to all the stylish, frugal men out there!

mens silk neckerchief worn with a sweater 


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