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What is Modal Fabric?

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Here at Elizabetta we carry many scarves made from modal or modal combined with other fabrics such as silk, wool and cashmere.

  • Modal is incredibly luxurious, lightweight and silky smooth. It breathes, absorbs water, is shrink resistant and holds dyes well so your scarf is unlikely to fade. It is soft and warm and a quality modal will not pill easily.
  • Modal is a wood pulp fiber, technically known as “Regenerated cellulose fiber”. These types of fabrics are not new, in fact the first cellulose fiber was developed in 1855 and is called rayon. The next generation is called viscose.
  • Modal is the third generation with micro-modal (lycocell) being the fourth.
  • The first modal was created in Japan in 1951 and has been improved over time.
  • At Elizabetta we choose environmentally friendly modal, micro-modal and viscose, all made in Austria by eco award winning Lenzing AG.
  • There are many manufacturers of viscose and modal, many using techniques that are not considered environmentally friendly. In fact quite the opposite, using many dangerous polluting chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Lenzing AG modal and viscose are made from sustainably harvested European beech trees and the company uses an environmentally friendly oxygen based bleaching method for the pulp. The production waste is made into by-products or used to fuel the factory.

Eco compliant and sustainable. Values that are important to Elizabetta.

  • Beech trees are used for the pulp for several reasons. Lenzing says: "The beech tree puts down very deep roots and is thought to be unbeatable when it comes to improving the soil. Thus since early times it has been known as the Mother of the forest. It is extremely resistant to pests and environmental damages. The special characteristic about the growth of the beech tree is that they multiply via what is known as 'rejuvenation' which means that the tree population practically grows itself. No planting or artificial irrigation are required. Beech groves are a completely sustainable source."

beech trees that modal is made from

I love my modal and modal blend scarves and shawls; they are so soft, lightweight, warm and have such a beautiful drape. Knowing that the fabric is produced in an eco-sustainable fashion just makes me love them even more!


You can read more about Lenzing modal here:

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