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Extra Long Ties

Extra Long Ties

Our extra long ties are approximately 159cm long. This is the proper length for most men that are 185-200cm, or most men with a neck size of 44.5cm or larger.

This extra length allows the tie to fall in the correct place (in the middle of your belt) while giving enough width at the neck for making a perfect knot.

How we make our Elizabetta extra long ties

Our extra long tiesare handmade from start to finish, in ethically run family-owned workshops along the shores of Lake Como, Italy.
 Buy our extra long ties online, directly on our website, to help support artisan tailors and true made in Italy fashion.

We make them from 100% Italian-made fabrics. The fabrics are dyed or printed with non-toxic dyes in small to medium-sized printing mills that use up-to-date eco-practices like using solar power and filtering and reusing the water used in the process. These mills are constantly improving to be even more sustainable.

The outer fabric of our extra long ties is cut on the true bias (45-degree angle). This ensures that the tie lays flat when worn and stays generally wrinkle-free. This consumes more fabric in the construction of the tie, so it is more expensive to make, but this way the tie lies flat and does not roll.

We then use a thin, perfectly balanced pure wool interlining which helps the extra long necktie hold its shape and gives it the proper body for tying a beautiful knot. Pure wool breathes, like the silk or other natural fabrics that the rest of the tie is made from. Less expensive interlinings just don't hold up as well and have a tendency to slip. Some manufacturers skip the interlining altogether, resulting in a subpar necktie.

We tip the tie either with our signature silk pinstripe fabric or, depending on the style, the same fabric as the outside of the necktie. In both cases, the tipping fabric is pure silk. Most companies use a synthetic tipping fabric to save costs, but we prefer pure silk. Tipping the tie is another measure that we take to ensure that your tie keeps its shape and looks great for many years.

"This is my second tie bought from the Elizabetta Boutique in just a couple of months. The tie is just perfect in any way. Since I’m 6 foot 5 I have always struggled to find a tie that fit me. And these extra long ties from Elizabetta is just what I have been looking for. The quality is amazing and the customer service is awesome. I would definitely get more of these ties from Elizabetta. A store I highly recommend."

TJ from Norway

Elizabetta loves designing new neckties and working with skilled artisans in Italy to produce our collection of extra long ties that, if properly cared for, will become timeless additions to your wardrobe.

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