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Men's Wool Lined Silk Scarves

"Perfetto. A scarf is a scarf. Yeah. Right. NOT! An Elizabetta scarf is an heirloom. Red field, blue paisley tease, Navy wool reverse. Stylish? Beyond that: This is Como." Marcus M.

Our collection of wool-lined silk twill scarves, known also as reversible or double-sided scarves.

Each one of our wool-lined silk scarves is made from soft, fine Lake Como silk twill.
Elizabetta has these made in small quantities with unique and exclusive patterns. You will not find these anywhere else.

The reverse side is a solid color tightly woven lightweight soft wool, known as tropical suiting wool.
We make these 180cm long, as over the years we have found the standard length is simply too short and this longer length suits most men.
The combination of the silk on one side, wool on the other gives the scarf a medium body with a beautiful drape.

These refined and elegant scarves are a medium weight that works perfectly with a suit, an overcoat, tweeds, flannels and cardigans. Stylish and warm, minus the bulk of a heavyweight scarf.
Traditional and luxurious, a must-have for the discerning gentleman's wardrobe.
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