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Women's Long Scarves

"When I purchase scarves from your selection, I can be reassured that I will be buying a very fashionable and unique scarf. You have an exquisite selection and your customer service is impeccable, which is what keeps bringing me back. Your eye for elegance and beauty is astounding! Subsequently, when I purchase scarves from your website, I receive many compliments on them. It is my honor to continue being an avid customer!" Jessica D.
From sheer silk to warm, luxurious cashmere, we have a long scarf for every occasion

The Elizabetta collection of women's long scarves.

A long scarfis perhaps the easiest shape of scarf to wear as the oblong shape is becoming to every figure.
You can wrap and tie them in many ways around your neck, or just simply toss one end over your shoulder for a flirty look.

An oblong scarf that is narrower is called a "sciarpina" in Italian.
Besides the numerous ways to style women's long scarves around your neck, a silk long scarf that is more narrow can be worn around your head as a headband, twisted and looped as a necklace, worn as a sash or threaded through your belt loops and worn as a belt.

An oblong scarf that is wider is called a "stola" in Italian.
Womens long scarves that are wider can be worn as a shawl, draped over your shoulders for an elegant accent to your look or worn as a headscarf or turban if the fabric is fine weight.

Our women's long scarves
Are all 100% made in Italy in family-run workshops using sustainable manufacturing practices, from re-using water to using non-toxic vegetable dyes. Better for you, better for the planet.

Many of our women's long scarvesare exclusive designs, you will not find them anywhere else. Elizabetta has these made in small quantities, ensuring that you are wearing a unique fashion accessory.

Our silk long scarves are all made in Como, Italy, where there is a centuries-old tradition of silk production. Silk is so versatile, it can be worn year-round, giving your outfits the perfect finishing touch.

Our wool and cashmere women's long scarvesare woven in Biella a city near the French border that specializes in the production of the finest woven wool and cashmere. The perfect cold-weather accessory.

Whether you prefer a more narrow long scarf or a wider long scarf, both will add color and beauty to your look and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns and fabrics of women's long scarves for you to choose from.
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